{where do inspirations come from?}

Hi there!

Sometimes, we are faced to plan some sort of event for a family or friend…we are immediately excited and then soon faced with overwhelming panic!

“Where do I start?”

Today, I want to share the key ingredients from envisioning, planning, to playing the part at your event.

With that said, after given the right enough information, you begin to slowly picture the event already dancing its way into your creative little head. And suddenly this sort of picture begins developing.

To Envision is defined like this: an act of sensing with eyes; sight.

What does that mean?

It’s a little not-so-secret website called PINTEREST.

That’s right…a picture is all you need to inspire, and explode the endless possible ways to construct, create your NEXT big event. Whether its a baby shower, birthday party, or an engagement.

My inspiration ALWAYS comes from a picture that i can say “this is it”.

After you’ve found THE picture of your dreams, its time to make it happen.

First, jotting everything you see in this picture down from colors, textures to locations and landscapes.

Second, you need to figure your budget. This is pretty much the back bone of the entire operation. It determines whether you will be inviting 10 guests or 150, mason jars or candleobra’s, fresh peonies or babies breath…you get the picture:).

After that’s decided, you then need to check your calendar and come up with a date for your event. Something that coordinates with your schedule and to also consider your guests as well. A party isn’t successful when no one arrives right?:)  If its an informal event, consider sending an evite to your guests. Its cost effective, and  hey it saves trees! (www.Evite.com)

This next step is one of my favorites…Shopping time! Ok, so not exactly the shopping you had in mind, but it still consists of purchasing items your list to accomplish that IT look. Now be careful, getting carried away is very easy and your bank account will show proof later. Make sure to keep all of your receipts in case a few unused things need to be returned.

Your getting close!

Post purchasing all the necessary items, I then do any crafting/printing/ect. to prep so that Im not left doing these things the day of the event. this is the time when you can ask for your friends help and craft together.

Finally…THE day arrives and you feel like all the stress is of getting things put together is coming upon you. Remember to take a deep breath, organize a list of TO-DO’s before the guests arrive, make your self a nice expresso or latte, and make this thing happen!

Before you know it, things will be exactly, if not better to what you originally envisioned it to be. Stand back and enjoy the view…before you know it, it will all be over with. REMEMBER TO CAPTURE THE LOOK BEFORE GUESTS ARRIVE, (so that you have proof of product:).

That’s all folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed readying my short-or maybe not so short for some blog post:).

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Thank you and have a lovely day!!!


{Have a very Merry Christmas from our team here at Simply Elegant!}

{Have a very Merry Christmas from our team here at Simply Elegant!}

The Holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones from near and far.

We here at Simply Elegant want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas experience filled with laughter, new memories, and not to forget…great food!

Let’s all remember the true reason for the season.
After all, giving is more rewarding than receiveing!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

{after the long delay,we are back to the blogging world!}

{after the long delay,we are back to the blogging world!}

We’ve been crazy slammed with simply elegant events coming up and things at home of course, but we are looking forward to what’s to come in our next few blogs coming soon, so stay tuned!

This was a photo of Yana- yours truly, taken on a cruise this past weekend!
We had an amazing time in the Bahamas, but its great to be back to reality.

You guys please feel free to post comments on how we are doing and what could be improved on our blog-due to simply elegant’s “freshness” in the blogging word!:)

Have an amazing day!!!

{Fall color palettes}

{Fall color palettes}

Their are those of us who might forget which colors are considered fall-ish and mix them with spring and summer colors ( for example, using the color lavender instead of the color plum purple.) Here are a few tips to help you choose your shades!

*Stick to cool, deep colors. You can accent with lighter shades to brighten up a scheme.
*Before choosing colors, figure out where you want your wedding to take place. If it’s an outside wedding, then it will be easier to just look around and see which colors jump out at you.
*its your wedding! Which means your color choice, so whatever you choose, make it tell your story!

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Have an amazing morning,filled with laughter and new memories!

{How to avoid getting cold feet…}

{How to avoid getting cold feet...}

It’s 5 days before your wedding. Your family is starting to arrive to town, excitement and butterflies are starting to appear and then it hits you…is this really it? All these years, months, and now we are almost here and I’m started to have doubts?

Let me assure you right now, almost every bride and groom for that matter, go thru this before their wedding. You could ask me, how can you say that about my situation? You’ve never even met me.
This is true…I can relate because I’ve been their as well and although every relationship, situation is different. I now see them from a different angle.

Ask yourself this, what is the main reason I replied “yes” to this man, or if your the male, why did I propose to this woman? Make a list of reasons, and read them over.
Now is their a reason why-from your own personal jots you took, that makes you doubt your connection,love, admiration?

Have you ever made a decision(or tried) that you could not decide on very easily?

The other day, I was in the store and I came across an item that I needed in my home. It’s a regular item- detergent. So I know the one I usually get is amazing, does the job, smells great, soft, the whole nine yards, BUT…theirs this new, organic detergent that I’ve never tried before, had no scent and no Softener- no bueno. So I am convinced that this detergent will surely make laundry time so much more enjoyable.
Guess what? It was a total fail, my laundry didn’t smell, soften, or clean nearly as well as I thought, plus…it was much more pricey! Let me tell you my friends, organic stuff isn’t organic unless it came from your own backyard!

The point of my nonsense story about detergent was not to bore you, but to merely compare how cold feet and butterflies along with actions, can hurt our relationships and lives in the long term.

I encourage everyone who reads our blog, to really evaluate your relationships that are so much more important than any kind of hassle a wedding brings.

Weddings a merely a day or two long, but your promising forever, be sure your ready to say “yes” before you say “I do”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that you can take out the positives and sew it into your relationships so that you can build a strong foundation with your special other.

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